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Helmsdale 1926

Driving through the coastal village of Helmsdale on the way north to John O'Groats.

This extract comes from Claude Friese-Greene's 'The Open Road' - originally filmed in 1925/6 and now re-edited

This is a cine film that my father took in the late 60's. It was recently converted to DVD and I uploaded it. For some reason the guy that convertyed the cine film put two copies on the DVD so after about 4 minutes it starts to repeat itself.

The car shown is a 1964 Ford Cortina that used to break down a lot.


Two films taken by my father. The first of them is from 1969 and is our family's first holiday to Helmsdale
where we all enjoyed two weeks of refreshing Highland air.
We went back there year after year and after the kids had flown the nest then Mum and Dad would go there by themselves.

The second video dates from 1963 and it looks like Troon beach along with
grandpa Kirkland. for some reason I am wearing my school uniform.

The quality is poor and there are blank areas but I think that
I will give the films to another company to see if they can enhance the images.


SCOTLAND: Black Isle, Cromarty and Helmsdale.
Last year I made an adventure trip in Scotland, passing thru Helmsdale.
I made a sort of film which has been sent to Sky Italy at Nat Geo Adventure Channel.
This film is now coming up on YouTube
in form of small chapters.... Here's the one which includes Helmsdale.

Some clips and stills of the nice little harbour at the mouth of the river
Helmsdale, just off the A9. Taken on a bright and breezy day in September 2011.


Nicolò CANEPARO from Italy (Obviously it's in Italian)


Helmsdale Highland Games Homecoming 2009 LD

 Helmsdale Highland Games Homecoming 2009 HD


Robert Raffan playing the Accordion in the Bridge Hotel Helmsdale 1994.


A Place on the Coast (Helmsdale)
By Cathel Innes & Kenny Mackenzie


Couper Park (Helmsdale)
By Cathel Innes & Kenny Mackenzie


Salmon Season Launch Helmsdale Jan 2009


Art Ceilidh, 14 Jan 2009


 So, you wanna visit Helmsdale eh?
Some things you should see about Helmsdale


Glen Loth


Edward Mackay Heavy Haulage


Helmsdale David Cowie Butcher Landing Salmon 26th Aug 2009


Salmon fly fishing helmsdale scotland


Salmon fishing on helmsdale and cod on the fly!


Helmsdale Village to Lobster Ponds


A9 Helmsdale to Ord of Caithness


A9 Inverness to Thurso - part 2


Brora and beyond...


La Crofterra Pandemonia - 2008


Icehouse and War Memorial Clock Tower, Helmsdale, Sutherland

A9 Helmsdale to Ord of Caithnes

The Winter of 1954/55