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First Responder Scheme Helmsdale.




My name is Paula Dempsey and I live in Dunbeath and work for the Scottish Ambulance Service.

We are trying to increase the number of volunteers for the First Responder Scheme that is running in Helmsdale.

Although there is a team of very sucessful volunteers, the group would benefit enormously from anyone who has a few hours to spare and would be prepared to join.

The scheme is supported by the Ambulance Service and means that when an emergency call comes into the service, the nearest ambulance is despatched. A responder in the area would then be contacted and asked to attend, possibly arriving before the ambulance. The responder would be trained to assist a person and maintain their breathing until a paramedic arrives

All equipment is supplied, and also the training which is continuously maintained.

Contact details are  pauladempsey@nhs.net   or 07833483778

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