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Welcome to Gartymore - Garstiemhor (the big field)

The crofter’s struggle for fair rents and land rights in a period of Highland history known as the Crofter’s War. This turbulent episode was no more evident than in Gartymore, where a number of courageous individuals lit the torch for political change and established the inaugural branch of the Land League Movement. Their victory was hard won and resulted in the Crofting Act of 1886

The small crofting township of Gartymore near Helmsdale, Loth (nowadays Kildonan) was created in the early 19th century at the time of the clearances.  The people allocated ground there had mostly been cleared from the Straths.  They were given very small pieces of land in  the hope that would take up fishing but they did not.  The continued to live as crofters.  Today at Gartymore there are over 50 ruined crofts.

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