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Bunillidh Rowing Club


Bunillidh Rowing Club


The Scottish Fisheries Museum is giving its backing to
an initiative to re-introduce inter-community rowing
around the Scottish Coast.

Until the 1950s there were many coastal rowing and
sailing regattas using local craft.

The sport has been restarted in recent years in
Shetland where there are over twenty boats racing.
Coastal rowing classes in England and Wales are also
seeing a huge resurgence in interest.

The aim of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project is to
provide a relatively inexpensive entry to the sport by
using a design which can be built by the communities
who will be rowing the boats, rather than buying
completed boats from professional boat builders.
An ideal class of boat for the project is being designed
by internationally renowned small boat designer Iain

The design is based on the traditional Fair
Isle Skiff. It will be known as the St Ayles Skiff, St
Ayles being the name of the building in which the
Scottish Fisheries Museum is housed.

St Ayles Skiffs will be built using the Clinker Ply
method, which combines traditional and modern
methods of construction. The estimated completion
cost of one of these boats will be around £3000, using a
kit of pre-cut plywood parts and Scottish grown timber.
The St Ayles Skiff will take four rowers with one oar
each, and a Coxswain to steer the boat and exhort the
crew to greater effort when racing!

The skiffs are being designed with the option to add a
sail in the future, which will add to the skill and
seamanship required to race the boats.

Who is it for? - Anyone!
We hope to see all kinds of groups coming together to
build and race these boats, whether it is the combined
efforts of a village, community group, a school, or
perhaps a rugby or football club wanting to use the
racing to maintain fitness and teamwork through the
summer months.
It's for you!

Why Rowing?
Coastal Rowing is a sport enjoyed from teenagers to
pensioners, and is one of the best forms of exercise,
using nearly all of the muscles in the human body.
It is probably the most team-intensive sport around, as
a physically weaker crew with excellent timing will
beat a strong crew who cannot row together.

We are anticipating that when the regattas start, there
will be different age groups so that the competition is
kept fair and varied.

Few of us got together in the Community Centre and we have formed the Bunillidh Rowing Club, we now use the old Coastalguard building on the harbour.

The last two Tuesday evenings we have started building the frame
Our evening building the boat is every

Monday evening 7pm-9pm
at the ex coastguard building on the Harbour.

We also meet every Thursday afternoon 12-30 till 15-00
at Harbour building boat.