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1. The Open, Homecraft, and Children's Sections are open to residents in the North of Scotland.
2. The Confined Section is confined to Residents of Loth, Helmsdale and Kildonan.
3. All Exhibitors in the confined section must be bona fide Amateurs and must have grown their exhibits themselves in their own garden.
4. Every exhibit must have been the property of the exhibitor from at least the 1st of June previous to the show.
5. There is no limit to the number of entries which may be made by any exhibitor in any class, unless stated.
6. Exhibits not accompanied by a "Not for Sale" card shall be regarded as having been donated to the Committee for sale (Pot Plants excepted). Committee will provide the "Not for Sale" cards.
7. Any exhibit in the vegetable, fruit and produce classes may be cut or opened by the Judges for inspection and/or tasting. The exhibit of a competitor who refuses to permit this will be automatically disqualified.
8. No member of the public will be allowed to enter the Exhibition Hall before the doors are officially opened.
9. Exhibitions may be staged from 7.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. on Thursday night and from 8 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. on Friday morning.
10. Each Exhibit must carry an Exhibitor's Card, obtainable from the Secretary.
11. The placing of the Exhibit shall be determined by the Show Stewards with whose directions exhibitors must comply, and once staged, exhibits must not be moved.
12. Only vases provided by the committee can be used, except where stated.
13. Judging will begin at 11 a.m. and, while it is in progress, only persons officially retained will be allowed to remain in the hall.
14. If there are less than three entries in a class the minor places will be awarded at the discretion of the Judges.
15. While two exhibits are judged "first equal" the first and second prizes will be added together and equally divided between the two exhibitors, and the third prize will be awarded to the next best exhibit.
16. Any exhibitor may be awarded more than one prize in any class.
17. The Cups will be awarded on the following basis: A first prize counts as 3 points, a second prize as 2 points and a third prize as 1 point.
18. Any competitor winning a Challenge Cup for three successive years will be awarded a miniature trophy.
19. The decision of the Judges shall be final. A Judge finding himself in doubt about any matter shall be at liberty to consult with a small committee appointed for the purpose. Further, this committee shall be employed to bring any relevant point to a Judge's notice.
20. Each winner of a cup must sign a declaration guaranteeing to return the cup to the Secretary at least 28 days before the following show.
21. While all reasonable care will be taken, the Committee will not be responsible for loss or damage to the property of any exhibitor.
22. Exhibits not to be uplifted until after the prize-giving on final day of show.
23. Should any difficulty arise, for which no precise rule is laid down the Committee reserve to themselves the right to decide.
24. In the event of a difference of opinion by the judges 3 office bearers will decide the outcome.

ATTENTION ALL EXHIBITORS:- Make sure you put a card with EACH of your Exhibits. Several people have forfeited prizes because they did not put down cards. Despite enquiries we could not trace them.
Don't let that happen to you.
Entry Fee 20p per exhibit - (children exempt)
CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBERS: 01431 821722 OR 01408 621260


ALL PRIZE MONIES ~ 1st – £2, ~ 2nd – £1.50, ~ 3rd – £1



THE TYSER CUP (Donated by the late Mrs Tyser, Gordonbush) will be awarded to the Exhibitor gaining Most Points in the Open Flower and Vegetable Classes combined
THE HENRY J. MACKAY MEMORIAL CUP (Donated by Mrs B. MacKay) will be awarded to the Most Outstanding Exhibit in the Open Flower Class 1-19
THE PAT MITCHELL CUP (Donated by Mrs Pat Mitchell) will be awarded to the Exhibitor gaining the Most Points Class 1-19
J.& I. MACKAY SHIELD (Donated by John and Isobel Mackay) will be awarded for the Best Sweet Peas in Open Section
MARREL SHIELD for Most Points in Roses

1. 1 H.T. Rose (disbudded) in Vase
2. 3 Roses (disbudded) in Vase
3. One Spray Floribunda Rose
4. 12 Sweet Peas
5. 4 Blooms Border Carnations
6. 4 Spikes Antirrhinums
7. 4 Blooms African Marigolds - Boxed
8. 4 Blooms French Marigolds - Boxed
9. 1 Spike Gladioli
10. 3 Gladioli Spikes
11. 3 Sprays of Chrysanthemums
12. 3 Decorative Dahlias in vase
13. 3 Pom-Pom Dahlias in a vase
14. 1 Lily Stem
15. 4 Asters
16. Mixed Annuals in Vase (own Vase may be used)
17. Mixed Hardy Perennials in Vase (own Vase may be used)
18. Mixed Flowers and Shrubs from your garden in a vase (own Vase may be used)
19. Any Exhibit other than above


THE 'PRESS AND JOURNAL' CUP (Donated by the Proprietors of the Press & Journal, Aberdeen) will be awarded to the Exhibitor gaining Most Points in Classes 20- 42
ANGUS HILDER TROPHY (Donated by Mrs Mary Dudgeon) will be awarded to the Most Outstanding Exhibit in Classes 20-42.

20. 6 Pod Peas
21. 1 Cabbage
22. 1 Lettuce
23. 3 Beetroot
24. 3 White Potatoes
25. 3 Coloured Potatoes
26. 1 Cauliflower
27. 3 Onions
28. Heaviest Onion
29. 3 Carrots
30. 1 Bulb of Garlic
31. 3 Shallots
32. 2 Leeks
33. 3 Stems of Rhubarb
34. 1 Pot of Parsley
35. 1 Pot of Coriander
36. 1 Pot of Dill
37. Tray of Mixed Salad Leaves
38. Pot of Chillies
39. 3 Peppers
40. 6 Broad Beans
41. Tray of Vegetables of your choice
42. Any Other Vegetable of your choice


G.S. DUDGEON ROSE BOWL will be awarded for the Most Outstanding Pot Plant.
THE CHALMERS CUP will be awarded to the Exhibitor with Most Points in Classes 43-52.
43. Pot Fuchsia (Any Type)
44. 1 Pot Begonia
45. 1 Pot Impatiens (Busy Lizzie)
46. 1 Pot Ivy (Any Variety)
47. 1 Pot Succulent
48. 1 Pot Cactus
49. 1 Pot Foliage
50. A hanging basket
51. Pot of Lilies – any variety
52. Any Flowering Plant other than above


GRAHAM DODD SHIELD for the Most Points over Bulb, Rose and 2-Day Show.
THE PROVOST GRIGOR CUP (Donated by the late Provost Grigor, Inverness) will be awarded to the exhibitor gaining Most Points in the Flower and Vegetable Classes combined.
THE JESSICA HOPGOOD SALVER (Donated by Mrs M. Dudgeon) for the Most Outstanding Exhibit in Flowers.
THE SINCLAIR TROPHY (Donated by Jean Sinclair in memory of her father) for Most Points in Roses.
D. & H. ROSS MEMORIAL SHIELD (Donated by John and Isobel MacKay) for Best Sweet Peas in Confined Section.
THE JANET MACEY (Jenny MacKenzie) TROPHY FOR THE BEST BLOOM BEGONIA IN CONFINED SECTION Class Number 67. (Presented by the Family of the late Jenny MacKenzie)
THE DT GRAY SHIELD (Donated by Elizabeth Gray) for Class Number 69.


THE DUKE OF SUTHERLAND CUP (Donor - His Grace the late Duke of Sutherland) will be awarded to the exhibitor gaining Most Points in Classes 53 - 72.
HARRY HARRISON MEMORIAL QUAICH (Presented in Memory of the late Harry Harrison, Gardener at Suisgill for Class 70)

53. H.T. Rose (Disbudded) in Vase
54. 3 Roses (Disbudded ) in Vase
55. 1 Spray Floribunda Rose
56. 1 Bowl of Roses for decorative purposes, any foliage allowed.
57. 6 Sweet Peas
58. 4 Sprays Border Carnations
59. 3 Blooms African Marigolds – Boxed
60. 3 Blooms French Marigold - Boxed
61. 3 Dahlias Decorative - in a Vase
62. 3 Dahlias Pom Pom - in a Vase
63. 3 Dahlias Any Type - in a Vase
64. 1 Spike Large Gladiolus
65. 3 Spikes Large Gladioli
66. 1 Lily Stem
67. 1 Double Begonia Bloom - Boxed
68. 3 Stems of Antirrhinums
69. Mixed Annuals in Vase (own Vase may be used)
70. Mixed Hardy Perennials in Vase (own Vase may be used)
71. Flowers and Shrubs from your Garden in a Vase (own Vase may be used)
72. Any Exhibit other than Above


THE MACKENZIE CUP (Donated by the family of the late Adie Mackenzie) for the Most Outstanding Exhibit in Vegetables.
THE BUNILLIDH CUP (Donated by the late Pat Mitchell, Helmsdale) will be awarded to the Exhibitor gaining Most Points in Classes 73-97.
THE BENNY CAIRNS MEMORIAL CUP (Donated by Mrs M Cairns) for most points in Potatoes.

73. 4 Pods Peas
74. 1 Cabbage
75. 1 Lettuce
76. 3 Beetroot (Round)
77. 3 Beetroot (Long)
78. 3 Carrots (Long)
79. 3 Potatoes - White (Round)
80. 3 Potatoes – Coloured/Semi Coloured
81. 3 Potatoes White (Kidney)
82. 3 Varieties of Potato - Coloured/Semi Coloured (2 of each Variety) Plated
83. 3 Potatoes (Special Seed – See Note Below)**
84. Tray of Salad Leaves
85. 4 Courgettes
86. 2 Onions from Sets
87. 2 Onions from Seed
88. 1 Onion for Weight
89. 1 Bulb of Garlic
90. 2 Leeks
91. Pot of Parsley
92. 3 Tomatoes (Any Variety)
93. 2 Turnips
94. 1 Cucumber
95. 3 Stalks Rhubarb
96. Trug of Mixed Vegetables from your garden
97. Any Vegetable other than Above

**NOTE: CLASS 83– Special Potato Seed of Bluebell can be purchased from Committee.


TORDARROCH SHIELD (Donated by John & Isobel MacKay) for Most Points in Pot Plants.
THE STENHOUSE TROPHY will be awarded to the Beginner with Most Points in Fuchsia Class
No. 101.

98. 1Pot Pelargonium (Any Type)
99. 1 Pot Begonia
100. 1 Pot Coleus
101. 1 Pot Fuchsia
102. 1 Pot Impatiens (Busy Lizzie)
103. 1 Pot any variety of Lillies
104. 1 Hanging Basket
105. Any Foliage Plant
106. Any Flowering Plant
107. Any exhibit other than the above.


SIR ANTHONY NUTTING TROPHY (Donated by Sir John Nutting) for the Most Outstanding Exhibit in Whole Show.
HUGH MACKAY MEMORIAL CUP (Donated by John and Isobel MacKay) for the competitor with Most Points Overall in Show.
ANN RICHARDS MEMORIAL QUAICH (Donated by Mrs M. Davidson for the Most Outstanding Rose Exhibit in Show.


Heaviest Potato
Any variety of potato may be exhibited.




THE LOTH CUP (Donated by the Original Loth Flower Show Committee) will be awarded to the Exhibitor gaining Most Points in Classes 108 - 111.

108. Half Punnet Any Soft Fruit
109. 3 Dessert Apples
110. 3 Cooking Apples
111. Any Other Fruit


ALISTAIR DAVIDSON CUP (Donated by Mrs Mary Davidson) for Most Points in Crafts Section – Classes 112 - 121.
COACH POOL TROPHY (Donated by Mrs Margaret Middleton) for Most Outstanding Needlework – Classes – 112 - 121.
PAM RAFFAN MEMORIAL TROPHY (Donated by Andrew Raffan) for most points in needlework.

112. A Scarf made from any fancy yarn
113. A Pair of Knitted Mittens or Gloves
114. A Knitted Item for a Child
115. Item made from Wood
116. Tapestry Picture
117. Make and decorate a celebratory card
118. Item of Jewellery
119. Knitted Toy
120. Any Crocheted item
121. Article in any other craft

All Photographs must be Mounted and Measure Not in Excess of 12"
Two entries per person in each photo category

THE NAVIDALE CUP to be awarded to the exhibitor gaining most points.

122. Colour Photographs of Helmsdale Harbour
123. Photograph of a Flower
124. Photograph of Garden
125. Photograph of a Pet
126. Photograph of sunrise or sunset
127. Photograph of bird/birds
128. Photograph of the Strath of Kildonan
129. Holiday Photograph
130. Photograph of any subject
131. Photograph of child or children taken by a relative




132. Painting: - Highland Landscape
133. Painting: - Any subject in any medium



134. Victoria Sponge
135. 4 Meringues
136. Novelty Cake
137. Lemon Drizzle Cake
138. Carrot Cake
139. 4 Pancakes
140. 4 Oven Scones
141. Pot of Raspberry Jam
142. Pot of any Jam of any fruit
143. Pot of Chutney
144. Pot of Marmalade (Any Fruit)
145. Home Made Wine
146. Home Made Liqueur
147. Fruit Loaf
148. ¼ lb of Tablet

A child winning the most classes from 149 to 157 will be awarded the KILDONAN ROSE BOWL. Additionally, their points will also be entered for their school in order to win the WILLIE MANSON CUP.

KILDONAN ROSEBOWL (Donated by Mrs J.P.F. Clay) for Most Points in Classes
149 - 157
THE BRAEVAL SHIELD (Donated by Monsignor Dr. J.B.R. Loftus) for the Most Outstanding Miniature Garden – Class 153
THE WILLIE MANSON CUP (Donated by Mr & Mrs W Manson) for the Most Points in the Inter Schools Challenge.
THE GLEN LOTH SHIELD (Donated by Dorothy Loftus) for the Most Outstanding Exhibit in Classes 149 – 157

149. Cover for Next Year's Schedule

150. Monster made from fruit or vegetables

Lower Primary
151. Painting or Drawing of a Flower

All Ages – Important, please write
your age group on your entry ticket
152. 1 x Pot of Fuchsia
153. Miniature Garden
154. Potato Person
155. Tray of Mixed Leaves
156. Miniature Scarecrow
157. Decorative T-Shirt


Children's Baking Section – All Ages
158. 4 Cupcakes
159. 4 Cookies
160. 4 Scones
161. Novelty Cake
162. Item of baking using produce from the garden e.g. Beetroot Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, Strawberry Tart, Apple Sponge etc.


We are delighted that the Sutherland Floral Art Group are staging an exhibition
to commemorate the 80 years of the show.

(Presented by Colin and Fiona MacKenzie) for Best Interpretative Exhibit

163. (Exhibition Only) '80 Years Old!'
An arrangement using fresh flowers and foliage and accessories. 1 metre space allowed.

164. 'Fashionable Ladies'
An arrangement using fresh flowers and foliage with accessories.
Space allowed not to exceed 1 metre.

165. 'Candle Power'
An arrangement of fresh flowers and foliage incorporating Candle/Candles. Space allowed not to exceed 2' wide.


Senior Theme – arrangement using 3 flowers and foliage. Not to exceed 60cms wide.

Upper Primary Theme –arrangement of flowers and foliage with an animal accessory.
Not to exceed 60cms wide

Lower Primary Theme – posy of flowers in my mug. Not to exceed 60cms wide.




Entries to Post-Office Please
Judging will be sometime mid July 2014


Open to anyone who has not won a garden competition before.

THE DUDGEON CUP (Donor - the late Mrs W J Dudgeon, Crakaig) and £10 will be awarded for what is adjudged the Best Garden (Vegetables and Flowers) in the above District.
Second and third prizes of £5 and £3 respectively.

THE SUTHERLAND DISTRICT COUNCIL CUP and £5 will be awarded for what is adjudged the Best Council House Garden in Helmsdale and District.

THE BARBARA CARTLAND TROPHY for the Best Flower Garden in Loth, Helmsdale & Kildonan.


Loth Helmsdale Flower Show History

The Loth & Helmsdale Flower Show Society was originally set up as the 'Loth Flower and Baby Show' in 1934 and as such is one of the longest running 'Flower & Produce Shows in the North of Scotland.

The first show came about from a chance remark at a Flower and Baby show organised to raise funds for the Lawson Hospital extension fund in 1933.

Extract from the Northern Times 31 August 1933:-
August 31, 1933
Mr Braden, missionary, Loth, introduced a new and very attractive feature into the county when he held a fruit, flower, vegetable and home industries show along with a garden fete in the policies at the Loth Church of Scotland Manse, on Saturday afternoon.
The weather was all that could be desired. Considering the other attractions held in the county that day, it was a surprise to many to see such a representative assembly present.
The show was held in the open air. The fruit, vegetables and other exhibits being tastefully arranged on tables, under the shade of the stately old trees. With flags and other decorations, including novel side-shows the whole presented a most fascinating and animated appearance.
The show was opened by Mrs J G Wilson of Sunrise, Brora, after which the assembly entered into the spirit of the afternoon. The exhibition of fruit, flowers, vegetables and home industries was the chief attraction.
As one wended their way round the various tables, many favourable comments were heard on the splendid quality of the exhibits. In the vegetable section, there was a surprising entry of carrots, beetroot, cabbages and leeks, but owing to the insufficiency of entries in some sections, which in many instances only included one entry, no prizes were offered.
In the exhibit of twelve potatoes, which included three varieties, one was pleased to see that the Doll is not the only place that can grow "Rogart Blacks". Mr Macgregor, Portgower, had a really fine exhibit of vegetables. As he was the only competitor the judges suggested that he be specially recommended.
There was also another tastefully arranged exhibit of vegetables, but not for competition, sent in by one of the judges, Mr William Sutherland, Kintradwell Gardens. In the flower section the exhibits on view were first-class.
Another interesting competition was the best plate of brambles collected by children under fourteen years. The premier honour for this went to Miss Janet Sutherland, Portgower, aged 7 years, and second to Miss Johan Sutherland, Culgower, aged 8 years.
For the special prizes, presented by Lady Chaplin of Uppat for the best decorated table, there was keen competition. The premier honour was won my Miss Adamson, Helmsdale, Mrs Hector Macleod, West Garty, being a worthy second. In the home industries section, Miss Maclennan was delighted with the exhibits. If there were any defects, they were defects that could be easily overcome. The butter, eggs, honey and home-made exhibits were really a credit to Loth. The prize offered by County Councillor A M Ross, Grand Hotel, Brora, for highest number of points gained by any competitor in the show went to Mrs Hector Macleod, West Garty Farm, who gained six first prizes and four second prizes.
When everything was sold Mr Braden handed over the prizes to the successful winners, after which he proposed hearty votes of thanks to the judges and all who had helped to make the show a success.
The total proceeds are about £32.
Extract from the Northern Times 31 August 1933:- continued


' The inhabitants of the Parish of Loth cannot be too highly complimented on the response they made, on the invitation of Mr Braden, Loth Manse, to participate in a Flower Show to be held in aid of the funds for the extension of the Lawson Memorial Hospital. Mr Braden practically carried out the whole arrangements. He visited every household on more than one occasion. It was through his enthusiasm the 'his flock' responded. After the success of Saturday's show it is the earnest wish that it will become an annual event. Other parishes in the County, we trust, will hold shows on similar lines.'

Extract from the Northern Times of the first week in September 1934:-


The stage is now all set for the flower and baby show which takes place in the Loth Manse Grounds on Saturday. The event will be formally opened at 4pm by Her Grace the Duchess of Sutherland and the proceeds are on behalf of the Pope Dispensary Hospital Helmsdale. Indications point to a large gathering. Mr John P Braden, Loth Manse, will be glad to receive contributions in money of Kind.

The Baby Show will be under the supervision of Doctor G W Simpson of the Scottish Department of Education.

Entries for the flower, fruit and home industries will be accepted up to tomorrow (Friday). All sections are open to everyone and the smallest entry or donation will be gratefully received.

In the event of wet weather the show will be transferred to the Drill Hall Helmsdale.

Extract from the Northern Times
Golden Jubilee – September 11 1984
The organisers of this year's Golden Jubilee Loth and Helmsdale Flower Show could not have wished for better weather, a better turn-out or better exhibits. Around £1500 was taken, of which around £600 after expenses will be distributed later among local charities and clubs. The show, for its 50th year, was held in the grounds of Crakaig House, Loth, as it was first held in Loth manse in 1934.

The current Society is responsible for three annual shows – the Bulb show in Match, the Rose Show in July and the 2-day Show in August. They are also responsible for 'Helmsdale in Bloom' creating the numerous hanging Baskets, tubs and other floral displays in and around the village. To this end they have several fund raising events throughout the year.