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Fossil Collecting

The UK Fossils Network spent a week in Helmsdale, (summer) 2003 to study the geology and paleontology of this area and made some fantastic finds from the Helmsdale Boulder Beds including two dinosaur vertebra, giant corals and a fish jaw. The Helmsdale Fault which runs from Helmsdale to Brora, provides the only opportunity to collect Jurassic fossils in North Scotland and is one of the most fascinating geological locations along the Scottish Coastline.

Very few people even know about these highly fossilferious Jurassic Rocks, and since their visit, they have received many emails from people who decided to visit Helmsdale following the information on their website, who have also recently made good discoveries. The Famous formation of the ‘Boulder Beds’ is still not fully understood which is why this location is an important site for any geologist.

Click here to view all about fossil hunting in Helmsdale, where to look and what to find and see some photos of the finds that they made during their 2003 visit.

The UK Fossils network is funded by UKGE, United Kingdom Geologists Equipment, selling over 3000 products online and via mail order including geological books, maps, equipment, earth science field tools, navigation and outdoor gear, clothing and much more.

Click here to view the UKGE website.