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The George Innes Family


Thought you might like to display this old photo on your site, its of my maternal grandfather George Innes & his wife Mary Ann Pratt.
George was born on the 3rd Dec 1885 in Helmsdale, the oldest child of John Sutherland Innes (1855 - 1944) & Jane Murray (1857 - 1940), Mary Ann Pratt was born on the 26th Jan 1880 at Wicklow, Caithness, they were married on the 13th Sep 1904 at Macklay Terrace, Wick.
George was a fisherman in Helmsdale, he then went to Northern Ireland where he joined the Royal Irish Constabulary at Balleymena, and returned to the mainland and settled in Leith, Edinburgh in 1921, working on a dredger for the Leith Docks Commission Board, he died 4th Jan 1950 at Leith, Mry Ann died 1st Dec 1932 at Leith.
John Connacher


George Innes & his wife Mary Ann Pratt.

Ted & Jeannie Cowie, of Old Golf road and their niece Jean Connacher (m.s. Innes)