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Three Year After Evaluation Report - A9 Helmsdale HCC

On behalf of Transport Scotland, CH2M HILL are currently evaluating the A9 Helmsdale scheme i.e. to provide an indication (as far as is practicable) that the scheme is operating as planned and is on-track to achieve its objectives. As part of this evaluation, we are seeking the views of the Helmsdale Community on the impact of the scheme, to inform our report.

The objectives of the A9(T) Helmsdale Phase 2 project were set as follows:
·         to improve safety on the A9(T);
·         to improve through movement of traffic on the A9(T);
·         to minimise environmental impact;
·         to be promotable to the local community;
·         to minimise disruption during construction; and
·         to be maintainable and operable.

Bearing these objectives in mind we would be grateful for your feedback on the scheme. The feedback may include such issues as whether there have been marked improvements in journey time, increased overtaking opportunities, before and after safety issues, traffic level changes, scheme construction and its local impact and whether the scheme has achieved its objectives or whether there could have been better alternatives. Any further comments related to the scheme implementation/operation are also welcome.
Please respond directly by email prior to Friday 4 July. Or, if you would prefer to be contacted by phone to discuss the above questions please respond to this email with your direct phone number and we can contact you.
Mike Trotter
Michael Trotter
Project Manager
16 Abercromby Place
Edinburgh, EH3 6LB, UK
Direct +44 131 272 3323

Published on Thursday 26 June 2014 by David Mason
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