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Crew with 59/P in 1944: P/O John Lloyd (left) is pictured here in early 1944 whilst flying with 59 Squadron as a 2nd Pilot. P/O Lloyd had flown a good number of missions with Coastal Command, and soon gained a commission, after which he was offered the chance to captain his own crew.

He was the only survivor.
Photo from: Canadian Aviation Museum. This image is from the Canadian Aviation Museum, the pilot on the right could possibly be F/O LeGrow who was a Canadian airman.


Flight/Mission Details:Base; Ballykelly
Take off time: Unknown.
Op: Anti-submarine patrol.
RAF Coastal Command Liberator BZ724 of 59 Squadron at Ballykelly, Northern Ireland, had been operating in the North Atlantic on an ant-submarine mission on the night of 17th/18th August 1944, when due to bad weather, and nearing the end of its lengthy patrol, it was diverted to RAF Tain. It would appear that after making a descent through cloud and very short on fuel, the Liberator struck the hill above Helmsdale and disintegrated.

The sole survivor of the crash was in fact the pilot and he was still strapped in his seat, a little way from the wreck when two local crofters Alex & Jock Cuthbert reached him and carried him off the hill